paper; contrastingly, its beauty lightens from an artistic
acid free blend of Banana bunch stock fiber, injurious by-product of the Banana agro-industry, and urban post consumer paper.
It's about making natural banana fiber paper that respects our planet

TNF Ecopapers /
The Banana Paper Company

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“By using our papers you show you care.  Our papers are a very elegant way to present reports, projects or even resumes, or for the everyday print”

Our banana paper is made from fiber taken from the banana bunch stem and reject fruit, that otherwise would end up contaminating rivers. 500 000 tons of stems per year are disposed off in Costa Rica.

TNF Banana Paper is the definitive ANTI - Global Warming Paper. 100% Tree free, 100% Acid Free, and 100% sustainable alternative paper.

100% Tree Free
Do Not Cut Trees
Acid Free

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